SO LONG! is a series of goodbye gifts initially designed for a person soon to pass away to present to their loved ones, being an alternative way to leave behind something deeper than what is customary (letter, money, etc.).

The project aims to capture the most precious tangible, intangible and invisible parts that define an individual - relating to blood, voice and DNA, respectively. Preserving the essence of a person is executed in an abstract way in order to stay non-emotionally invasive and not to re-invite user's sadness. All objects are personalized and are meant to trigger and evoke Continuing Bonds to the one they represent. They are one-offs which makes them irreplaceable and precious to the user. The target group was then expanded to people who might just have the urge to leave a 'piece of themselves' behind or just wish to present a highly intimate gift to whomever they choose. 


As a secondary goal, the collection also aims to raise the awareness of preparing for a death in a healthier way, or at least to help people approach the issue in a more soothing way.



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