Wendy Law Design Studio is founded in May 2019 by Wendy Law. The studio aspires to create social changes and it offers ranges of design service and specializes in product design, communication design and brand identity design. 

Project Aesthesis is our pilot project. We provide 3D-printed partial hand prosthetics design & customization service for finger/hand amputees.

Wendy Law

Founder & Director

Wendy Law is a Product Design graduate from PolyU School of Design. She is passionate about designing for social impact. She prioritizes others’ needs first as she puts her feet in other's shoes. Her final year project SO LONG has been selected as one of the Best of Show 2019 by PolyU School of Design. The Aesthesis project is won the Hong Kong Best Design Award of Techstyle Designing for Social Goods International Competition.


Working Hour:
MON-FRI 9:30 - 6:30PM
+852 9680 1047

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